Employer Provided Life Insurance – What You Need to Know.

Life insurance is something that many people simply have through their employer and, therefore, is something that many people do not fully understand. Most workers tend to be covered by the group life insurance that their employer provides rather than shopping for their own private policies; however, we would like to give you some information […]
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When to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Owning a home comes with a variety of benefits and dangers. To protect against these dangers, you will need a reliable homeowners insurance policy and know when is the best time to file a claim.a large lawn in front of a houseIn general, you should file a homeowners insurance claim when: Damages Exceed Deductible When […]
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Five Tips for Lowering Your Auto Insurance Rates

If you’re wondering how to lower auto insurance, the first step is to compare coverage from multiple insurance companies. Once you’ve decided on an insurance company that’s right for you, you can save by driving safely, choosing a higher deductible, bundling auto insurance with home or renters or improving your credit score.Fre WHAT YOU SHOULD […]
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