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Leads Credit Policy :
  1. More than 1 rebuttal- It is understood that the telemarketer is allowed one rebuttal to a potential prospects remarks (For example:if prospect already have insurance the Telemarketer is allowed to come back with 1 rebuttal, if the prospect agrees after that and completes the phone call with an understanding that an agent will be calling them back it is a good lead. If the prospect continues to state that they are not interested then it will be credited.
  2. Same lead in any 30 day window- If you receive the same lead within 30 days we will credit you.
  3. More than 10% over age 80- If more than 10% of the leads you receive in any given order are over age 80 we will credit you for the amount received over 10% over age 80.( If someone else in house is interested and under age 80, this does not count).
  4. Over age 85- We will credit for any lead over age 85(if someone else in house is interested and under age 85 we will not credit).
  5. Wrong Number- We will credit for Wrong numbers. Usually this is a simple typographical error and can be corrected with the lead not needing replacement.
  6. No voice recording- We will credit for leads that do not come with a voice recording.
  7. Deceased- Any lead where the prospect has deceased

FE Quotes partnership with Alex Zabaski: 20% Sales Guarantee:

   If you do not achieve 20% sales on your order we will provide additional leads at no charge until you achieve 20% sales
   Voice Recording - you will instantly receive a new lead if you receive a lead without a voice recording
   Guarantee is sales made - three sales off one call counts as three sales
   Work the leads for 14 days - the guarantee is not 20% 'one call close'
   Proof of activity requirement - submit 2 calls per order to Alex Zabaski or Kevin Santillie to review. They will coach you then we will fulfill the guarantee
   Deceased clients - If a client is deceased before you speak with them we will replace with a new lead 
   Wrong Number - This is a simple typographical error as we've spoken to the lead before you. Please let us know as soon as possible to correct this

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